Designs For Living, LLC...

With over thirty years background in Interior Design in both Residential and Commercial (New Construction and Remodeling), Designs For Living, LLC offers a unique, full service consulting experience targeting your personal project goals. DFL owner is well-known in Anchorage for specializing in "customized designs with serious attention to clients' personal preferences." DFL has a long history of client satisfaction with very high referral rates. Our 'Personal Designs' concept brings a blend of 'favorite feelings' to your life's living spaces.

About Donalyn Odom, Owner/Designer...

One of Donalyn's greatest passions in life (including faith, family and friends) has been to design. Early on, she felt a real love for art and design which led her decisions for higher education to a career in Interior Design. Rooms and square footage became her canvas. Moving from Oregon to Alaska was not a decision based on her career objectives, but living in Alaska,
raising a son and designing here have been very fulfilling. Interior Design in Alaska can be a challenge, but having had to work with fewer resources has broadened her thinking for "out-of the-box" creativity. With a tasteful approach, best use of available materials, creative color and space usage, the synergy of products align… and a dynamic, functional, personal design emerges. I enjoy bringing clients' living spaces new vitality.
Donalyn is committed to giving strong visuals to clients assisting them in best design decisions that represent the client's goals. There are so many products and materials, patterns, color variations… a huge market of choices, it is daunting for clients to make best selections for projects. These choices are combined with decisions having to be made for space, function, product flow, styling and continuity of dynamics plus best 'personal' design.

Areas Of Assistance

  • Space Usage/Definition, Solutions for better use of existing square footage requiring your space to 'enlarge' for best function/style meeting your personal lifestyle needs. Love your new reveal!
  • Product Selections Planning/coordinating of styles, patterns and color, knowledge of old product demo with new product installs, best product durability (if not, poor choices/install result.)
  • Color Combining/Customized Color Techniques Assists in tasteful color planning layouts allowing walls/furnishings to 'come alive' for personal client objectives. Both color-combining and customized toning to achieve a "grand result" need not be a time-consuming, frustrating 'trial and error' of color deck choices and costly paint samples. Our techniques give you confidence to make final color selections. End results are enjoyed and speak of your 'good taste'!
  • Furnishings and Accessories DFL works with both existing and new furnishings and combines your present style with current colors and patterns to boost the 'old' into a 'new look transformation'. By using proper design tools, we can calm/soften your space, gain more openness, or allow new dynamics to emerge…clients say "thought would not have been possible."

Staging Both residential and commercial staging consultations are available. Staging for homeowners is centered at giving a striking transformation reveal of 'old visuals' to a 'brand-new' current visual overall, many times not investing in costly new items. DFL past real estate success rate (16 years) for a "SOLD" is within 15 days or less after our unique staging techniques! We are proud of maintaining our success rate

Real Estate "for sale" Property Staging DSL past real estate success rate (16 years) for a "Sold" is in 15 days or less after our unique staging techniques! we are proud of maintaining our success rate.

A Few Words From Clients

"Designs For Living's professional design assistance made a remarkable change in our home. We have referred Donalyn many times… end results of happy reports/enthusiastic reviews."
"As a Designer, Donalyn brings an "easy to work with" attitude as she concentrates on working with preferences of her clients, infusing dynamic synergy of style and function."
" My husband and I have thoroughly enjoyed the results of Donalyn's efforts in our home. Whether a small or large project, we recommend her talent and passion very highly."
" Donalyn's efforts at honoring my color preferences and translating them to the very fine end result of our home color plan, are far above my expectations… truly outstanding! ."

"I have had the experience of working with many designers. I am thankful for a business-related referral to Designs For Living. She came highly recommended and was never a disappointment as with other designers I've hired in the past. I look forward to future projects with Donalyn and highly recommend DFL company's authenticity and integrity."

"It is my pleasure to give my highest recommendation to Donalyn of Designs For Living, LLC. We've worked on several projects and her insight has allowed me to achieve outstanding results for myself and my staff of medical office. (And, our home as well.)"

" Relative to other designers I've hired, I would rate Donalyn/Designs For Living a true '10' ."